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Russia wants to hide

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Online system YouControl helps to identify the «russian trace» in Britain and overseas

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What is YouControl

YouControl is an analytical system for compliance, business intelligence, and investigations

System helps to find the «russian and belarusian trace» and protect your company from the risks of working with toxic companies, prevent terrorist financing and the possibility of imposing secondary sanctions, and keep your brand reputation clean. More about us 🡥

Russian roots have grown

into the economy of many European countries, and agents of influence are in various industries. Britain is no exception

How it works

Search and choose the company you need

The system forms a dossier on every company in the UK based on open data and finds connections with politically exposed persons and sanctioned companies.

Search and choose the company you need

Explore the detailed company dossier

Get information about the officers, persons with significant control, nature of business (SIC) and links to financial conglomerates. See the history of changes in that company.

Explore the detailed company dossier

Use Express Analysis to work faster

The Express analysis tool automatically checks the presence of risk factors in the company and warns you about possible consequences. As sanctions, ties with russian and belarusian companies and persons.

Use Express Analysis to work faster


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The unique technology

makes it possible to obtain up-to-date information about any British company and its connections with russia and/or belarus based on open data

Defining connections is necessary

Because the new sanctions regulation in relation to the russian federation provides for the introduction of sanctions on the basis of even family ties with sanctioned persons

For who is this tool


Compliance managers, AML & KYC specialists

Check current or new counterparties for connections with russian and belarusian companies and individuals, companies subject to sanctions, and PEPs. Commit to cooperation, focusing on complete and reliable information.


Journalists, independent investigators

Investigate and produce investigative, journalistic and analytical reports.
As much information as possible is available to you without any restrictions and cost-free.


Law enforcement, state authorities

Conduct research to identify the “russian trace” in the world: russian and belarusian assets outside these countries for further disclosure, freezing, and seizure. Expose war criminals involved in the actions of the occupiers.

Unique YouControl tools

Express analysis

Automatic check on risk factors. The system will alert when a connection with russia is detected.

Transliteration algorithm

We've developed an automatic check on all transliteration options of proper names. No connection will be ignored.

russian-related British conglomerates

Our researchers thoroughly collect all information about assets and connections between russian and belarusian companies and their owners.



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Media about us

Insider 🡡

A Ukrainian IT firm developed a tool to track down Russian assets including superyachts and private jets linked to oligarchs

«Kyiv-based YouControl launched its RuAssets project in April to help expose companies, assets and individuals linked to those supporting Russia's war with Ukraine...»

Europe is us! 🡡

Episode 11: Internet regulation

«In the eleventh episode, we are discussing internet regulation. How to check suspicious funding backgrounds? Our guest: Oleksandr Pomoshnikov, Chief Business Development Officer at YouControl...»

Nextinpact 🡡

YouControl announced the launch an international tool for checking the connections

«It`s contain the most comprehensive list of Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh and Ukrainian national PEPs from 100+ sources, it checks legal and natural persons against more than 50 international sanctions lists....»

Single platform
for Due Diligence


links between beneficiaries & owners of British companies and russia

2 mln

PEPs from russia, 50k from Kazakhstan


sanctions lists in a regularly updated system


search queries amount without limit

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